UAB PATIKRA was established in 2011 and already in 2012 it was accredited by the Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau as a type A control compony and appointed to perform periodic inspections of non-automatic weighing instruments.

Today PATIKRA, based on work experience and the knowledge of qualified personnel, has expanded the scope of accredited services provided, is accredited as a control, calibration and certification body and performs:

periodic inspection
  • wagon scales
  • car scales
  • bunker scales
  • electronic overhead and platform scales
  • mechanical commercial scales
  • laboratory electronic and mechanical scales
  • automatic single product scales (catchweigher, checkweigher)
  • automatic filling scales (gravimetric filling Instruments)
  • automatic belt weighers
  • F2, M1, M2 ir M3 accuracy class weights
  • containers
  • manometers
  • sieves
  • non-automatic scales
  • F2, M1, M2 ir M3 accuracy class weights
„e“ labeling

the conformity of the prepacked goods with the prepackage control system installed by the packer Technical regulation for prepackages and measuring containers assessment of the requirements for the affixing of the 'e' mark on prepacked goods Read further

EB check

assessment of the conformity of non-automatic weighing instruments with the approved EU type and with the requirements of Directive 2014/31 / EU Read further